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Acoustic Fire Coated Batt

Our 1510 series ACOUSTICFIREZERO coated batt consists of a standard 1200 x 600mm high density mineral wool core which has a factory applied white ablative coating both sides. When the batt is installed at normal temperatures the coating remains flexible to permit thermal and mechanical movement. The density of the mineral wool core and the acoustic reflectiveness of the coating means the product achieves high dB reductions as well as offering up to 6 hours fire resistance. 

Download Datasheet: Acoustic Fire Coated Batt.pdf
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ACOUSTICFIRE ZERO coated batt is primarily designed to achieve three important construction criteria:

  1. To prevent the passage of fire through voids in walls floors and ceilings and allow where necessary easy service penetration
  2. To maintain the acoustic integrity of the wall, floor or ceiling.
  3. To allow service penetration to be added and removed easily without affecting the acoustic or fire performance of the barrier

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