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Acoustic Parti Wall DPC

SERIES 2500 is MDL FIREZERO-DPC Fire & Acoustic Party Wall DPC consists of a length of semi rigid ECOSE™ mineral wool slab by Knauf Insulations which is fully encapsulated in a micro perforated orange sleeve manufactured from recycled materials, printed with current regulations and fire certification to aid visual site identification and guarantees authenticity. Suitable for all applications against external Brick/Block, rain screen, render or metal claddings. 

Download Datasheet: Acoustic Parti Wall DPC.pdf
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FIREZERO-DPC Fire & Acoustic Party Wall DPC should be fitted during the external work stage of the building process. The product must be fitted in the cavity with the DPC face against the inside of the outer brickwork with the 40mm flanges on both sides. During a vertical application each length must be fitted with the 100mm flange at the bottom, so that the next length when forming a close butt joint over the flange continues the DPC barrier. For horizontal applications FIREZERO—LEVEL should be used as it forms a cavity tray between the inner and outer leaf (see data sheet 27). 

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