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Hyload Tanking Membrane 3100 and 3100HD 0913


  • BBA certification
  • Heat bonded lap joints providing optimum lap security
  • Ideal for cold weather tanking conditions
  • 3100HD is self-protecting eliminating the need for protection board
  • Strong, tough and flexible at low temperatures 
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Hyload Tanking Membrane 3100 has a tough, non-woven polyester reinforcement and is coated both sides with SBS polymer modified bitumen. The upper and lower surfaces are protected by a thin heat dispersible polyethylene film. Hyload Tanking Membrane 3100HD has a similar construction but with a tough, non-woven polyester facing bonded to the upper surface in place of the polyethylene film. This facing provides built-in protection from backfilling and eliminates the need for separate protection board, screeds or other protective measures. Both products are applied with the use of a gas torch. 

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