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  • Excellent Puncture Resistance Š
  • Protects Membranes from Damage Š
  • 100% Recycled Š
  • Cuts CO2 Emissions by up to 62%* Š
  • Non Compressive and Rot Proof Š
  • Complies with BS 8102:2009 and BBA Approved Systems 
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Visqueen TreadGUARD1500 is a tough heavy duty 100% recycled board designed to have high compressive strength to protect the membrane from following trades, positioning of reinforcement, etc. TreadGUARD1500 is easy to handle, rot proof and is compatible with other waterproofing systems. The boards are suplied in 1m x 2m. TreadGUARD has been independently tested against market alternatives including 3mm bituminous board for puncture resistance using test method BS EN 12691: 2001 - 'Impact Resistance'. An impactor head of 10 mm diameter and 1 kg was used, and at various drop heights to determine the puncture level. The results show that TreadGUARD1500 has a greater impact resistance. Impact test results are declared below. 

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