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Visqueen Urban Drainage

  • Impervious membrane for underground stormwater storage systems Š
  • Also suitable for permeable paving systems Š
  • High resistance to puncture Š
  • Restricts water entering the sub-grade Š
  • Preserves sub-grade structural integrity Š
  • Installed with tape bonded or welded joints Š
  • Manufactured in the UK 
Enquire About This Product

Visqueen Urban Drainage Geomembrane is a UK manufactured membrane using high performance polymers, suitable for underground stormwater storage systems and also for permeable paving systems. The Visqueen Urban Drainage Geomembrane System has been specially designed and tested for use with underground stormwater storage systems. Wavin has accepted it for use with their AquaCell® Stormwater Management System when installed in accordance with Visqueen Building Products’ instructions. When used under permeable block systems it is important to use Visqueen underlay and protection layer in conjuction with Visqueen Urban Drainage Geomembrane. Please see typical details UDG 03, UDG 04 and UDG 05. Impermeable geomembranes used in stormwater storage systems are subjected to very high hydrostatic pressures during the lifetime of the system. 

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